Cooking Sessions in West Yorkshire

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Do you ever find yourself struggling to cook tasty and appetising meals in a reasonable space of time? If you want to develop your cooking, my lessons will give you all the assistance and help you need. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced chef, I offer 2 week and 4 week menu cycles.

In each cooking session I will cover the basics, as well as advanced preparing of food, food handling and cooking. Our recipes will use as many seasonal ingredients as possible. Quality ingredients will ensure that your home made dish is a substantial, tasty, nutritious and affordable home made dish.

Each recipe will use seasonal ingredients and will combine to make a delicious meal that is both affordable and nutritious.

My cooking sessions take place in West Yorkshire at your location. However, right now with restrictions in place, they take place through Zoom. I run regular classes at set times, but can also offer special classes for you and your family and friends.

Each class at Dishes 'To' Delight will cover a range of exciting dishes. However if you have any specific requests I will be happy to cover these in a cooking session.


February Half Term Special

Cookery Session

French Style Bread Pizza with Various Toppings

Classic Coleslaw

Paprika Potato Wedges


Adult £14.00p

Child £12.00p

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How It Works

Cookery Sessions will start on Wednesday 12th January 2022

Run every week from 6.00p.m.- 7.30p.m.

Venue: Cleckheaton Methodist Church Community Room

The Cookery Sessions are open to following couples families, individuals, child and children booking is required for the Cookery Sessions bookings can be made by either contacting myself or via the booking contact that is available through myself or the website, and will run all year round.

I will introduce some themed Cookery Sessions and special event calendar dates through out the year and there will be special sessions if someone has a celebration or a special occasion.

Payments must be made prior to the Cookery Session and all payments must be cleared we accept the following payment methods B.A.C.S. Cash and Card Payments.

What you will learn

Chef led Cookery Sessions run by myself on week to week bases and run over a five  week period and change after the fourth week.

You shall learn the following various methods of preparing, cooking and finishing homemade dishes, different  preparation methods, cutting, dicing, wrapping and stuffing cooking methods stir frying, deep frying, stuffing, pan frying, using a variety of different fresh ingredients.

We will cover making sauces, vegetable dishes, potato dishes, different ways to cook fish, meat and poultry and much more.

You will be taught knife skills using to correct kitchen utensil for the correct preparation and cooking method there will a recipe guide to follow within the Cookery Session, we provide all the necessary equipment and utensil’s for use in the Cookery Sessions.

I’m open to different food ideas within the Cookery Sessions and the aim of the Cookery Sessions is for those who attend to understand the benefits of homemade dishes as to bought dishes, and for better standard and healthier way of life.

Allergies and Intolerances

Anyone attending the Cookery Sessions must inform myself of any allergies or intolerances prior to the Cookery Sessions this is so any ingredients can be checked that we use within  our Cookery Sessions.


Booking and Charge’s for the Weekly  Cookery Sessions

Family of Four 2 Adults 2 Children 9-11 Years £64.00p 

Family of Two Adult £17.00p Child 9-11 Years  £16.00p 

Couples   £34.00p

Single Person Adult £18.00p Child Years  9-11 £17.00p 

You can book a pay weekly  session or book a four weekly session get the fifth one free this offer is open to everyone who books the sessions in advance.


We accept the following payments method’s B.A.C.S. Cash Card Payments further details are available from myself



Our Four Weekly Cookery Session Menus


Week One

Homemade Herbed Beefburger 

Chefs Salad Burger Sauce

Sweet Potato Crisps


Week 2

Chicken & Vegetable Kebabs

Onion Bhajis 

Cucumber & Mint Dip 


Week 3

Mixed Bean Beef Tacos

Filled with Iceburg Lettuce

Tomato & Avocado Salsa



Week 4

Fillet of Salmon with Lemon & Caper Sauce

New Minted Potatoes

Green Beans


Week 5

Honey Pork Meatballs 

With Pasta

Garlic Bread