Cooking Sessions in West Yorkshire

Improve Your Cooking And Culinary Skills Using Fresh Ingredients





Our New Weekly Cookery Sessions Are Open To Children Couples Families Individuals And Single People

Would you like to learn different, food and different food cooking methods and how to produce nice homemade dishes, then why not try of our cookery sessions,  within West Yorkshire.

At our cookery sessions you will learn how to chop, dice, slice, bake, fry and poach, along with other different food preparation and cooking methods, cookery sessions run on a weekly bases.

There will be a step by step  guide along with method and recipe guide that is provided at our cookery sessions, and only use fresh ingredients as mush as possible, all food ingredients, equipment, utensils and aprons are provided.






How My Cookery Sessions Work

I can come your home, event  or venue and do a cookery session so you, your family, friends can enjoy themselves while preparing, cooking and finishing nice home made.

The Cookery Sessions are open to following couples families, individuals, child and children booking is required for the Cookery Sessions bookings can be made by either contacting myself or via the booking contact that is available through myself or the website, and will run all year round.

I will introduce some themed Cookery Sessions and special event calendar dates through out the year and there will be special sessions if someone has a celebration or a special occasion.



My Chef led Cookery Sessions are run by myself on week to week bases and run over a four  week period and change after the fourth week.

You shall learn the following various methods of preparing, cooking and finishing homemade dishes, different  preparation methods, cutting, dicing, wrapping and stuffing cooking methods stir frying, deep frying, stuffing, pan frying, using a variety of different fresh ingredients.

We will cover making sauces, vegetable dishes, potato dishes, different ways to cook fish, meat and poultry and much more.

You will be taught knife skills using to correct kitchen utensil for the correct preparation and cooking method there will a recipe guide to follow within the Cookery Session, we provide all the necessary equipment and utensil's for use in the Cookery Sessions.

I'm open to different food ideas within the Cookery Sessions and the aim of the Cookery Sessions is for those who attend to understand the benefits of homemade dishes as to bought dishes, and for better standard and healthier way of life.

Food Allergies Food  Intolerance

Anybody or anyone that  books on to my cookery sessions  must  inform myself if they or anybody attending the cookery sessions has a food allergy  or a food intolerance, this is so I check the ingredients for the dishes that you will be preparing, cooking and finishing at my cookery sessions, a form will be required to be filled out and signed as this very important.


Booking and Charge's for the Weekly  Cookery Sessions

Family of Four 2 Adults 2 Children 9-11 Years £45.00p 

Family of Two 1 Adult 1 Child 9-11 Years  £22.50p

Couples   £29.00p

Single Person Adult £14.50p Child Years  9-11 £11.00p 

You can book a pay weekly  session or book a four weekly session get the fifth one free this offer is open to everyone who books the sessions in advance.

For More Details /Payments

Please contact myself how to book my weekly cookery sessions.

We accept the following payments method's B.A.C.S. Cash Card Payments must be made prior required to book onto the weekly cookery sessions when booking.



Our Four Weekly Cookery Session Menus


Week One

Homemade Herbed Beefburger 

 Paprika Potato Wedges Homemade Coleslaw


Week 2

Thai Style Chicken Curry 

Savoury Rice



Week 3

Beef  Meatballs In a Tomato Sauce


Garlic Bread Slices



Week 4

Chinese Vegetable Stir Fry

Buttered Lemon Noddle's

Prawn Crackers