Here is our new chefs blog, our cookery sessions will be starting on Wednesday 5th January 2022 they will be face to face, so whether you are complete beginner or want to improve you cookery skills then book a session and wow yourself, family or friends

Here are a few Chef Tips

Always use a sharp when preparing food a diamond steel is a great to sharpen knifes with, always sharpen your knife, knifes before, during and after you have used them if you cut yourself a sharp knife will heal a cut quicker than a blunt knife.

When carving or slicing meats use a sawing action keep the knife a straight as possible this will help when carving or slicing meats.

Always was any fruit, salad and vegetables to stop the spread of bacteria and contamination in cold water and not in warm or hot water.

I will share more chef tips with you very soon, so looking out for more chef tips.